Like all things bonsai, the price of bonsai pots can vary a lot, and some of them are very expensive. To get started you really just need a pot that is designed in the proper bonsai style, but is hard wearing and unlikely to break easily.

Plastic Bonsai Pots

Probably the ideal pot to get started with bonsai, or to get your bonsai tree started, would be made of plastic.

I used to be a bit sniffy about plastic pots, but some of them are made of sturdy plastic, look really good, and don’t cost much.

You can get some really nice retro style plastic bonsai training pots. For example, you can get a 12-pack of these pots, which are around six inches by four inches.

These inexpensive pots are ideal for potting your small bonsai trees while you decide on the final style of pot. You can see them on Amazon here.

You can get a good example of a strong plastic bonsai pot that comes with a drip tray

Drip Trays

The soil that your bonsai tree grows in needs to be well drained, so there is a risk of water running through the soil and onto whatever the pot is placed on. This drainage water can cause staining or damage the surface that the pot is on.

To avoid this damage you should maybe get some drip trays to place your pots on. You can also get pots that come with drip trays as a set, and you can see some examples on Amazon here.

Humidity Trays

These drip trays can also double as humidity trays. The shallow tray can be filled with water and the pot placed on to it. As the water evaporates it increases the humidity around the tree’s foliage, which can help to avoid your tree becoming too dry.

You can see a nice example of one of these trays on Amazon here.