About Bonsai Genie

Hi and welcome to Bonsai Genie! This website is where I like to nerd out about bonsai trees.

When I was growing up my Dad was a bonsai nut, and he spent a lot of his free time growing and caring for his collection of bonsai trees. He had a variety of trees, all at various stages of development, a number of bonsai pots of different designs, tools, wires and a load of other paraphernalia.

I wish now that I had paid more attention when he was telling me about what he was doing and how it all worked. There’s a lot of information available online these days, but there were things he showed me where I can’t remember the details now and I’m finding it hard to source the information to help me.

One example of something he showed me that I wish I remembered now was growing bonsai seedlings in the half-skins of grapefruits. Apparently it let him prune the roots more easily, but I can’t remember the exact details.

I’m really just getting started with bonsai and I want to share the things I’m learning about, so that’s what I’m going to try and do here.